Bumper to Fender


Oh Caribana…you are to me like Christmas is to a kid.  Caribana is North America’s largest Carribean Festival.  It is a celebration of Carribean culture, music, food and dance. Caribana always falls on the August long weekend. It is estimated that this year there were 1.2 million people in attendance. 

 I absolutely love Caribana.  I love the musical prelude to it 2 weeks in advance, when all the DJ’s play soca and reggae on their radio mix shows.  They have me dancing in my chair at work; wishing I was out partying even though it’s only the afternoon.  Although there were a few hiccups in the parade this year, it was my favourite because I met some new people, hung out with a couple different groups of friends and stayed longer than I had in previous years.

 Caribana weekend was a whirlwind!! The only time I was home was to catch a few ZzzZZ’s…shower and change to go to the next party/event.  The highlight for me this year had to be my first FETE!!!  I went to Dr. Jay’s Big People Fete @ Wild Water Kingdom.  We started off at a hotel party for a little pre-drinking then headed to the WWK parking lot for a little tailgate and after a few more wobbly pops we went onto the grounds for the main event.  Headliners this year included: Kes the Band, Problem Child, Ravi B (“ah drinka”..my tune), JW&Blaze (“Palance”), Nadia Batson (Caribbean Girl), and many many more.  The party went on for HOURS!!! It never stopped!  Each artist didn’t have a ‘set’.  They all interacted with eachother, sang anthems together, and came on and off the stage.  It was non-stop entertainment and the perfect format.  Although the park was open well past 5am, we packed it in after the final act finished around 4am.  Two weeks later, I am still beaming and looking back with the best memories.  I can’t wait til next year!!  Jump Up!

Clearly having the time of my life!

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