Fuller Woman Expo


Last summer a couple girlfriends and I went to check out the Fuller Woman Expo at the Delta Chelsea Hotel in Toronto.  It’s funny because we were just there a couple weeks before for my friend Q’s wedding (Happy 1st Anniversary!!!).  Immediately all the memories of that night flooded back (well..maybe not all of them).  There were a wide variety of vendors there: designer clothing, cupcakes, wellness, bra fittings, fitness, etc.    The main event was the fashion show…of course.  There were local designers and shops as well as designers from south of the border showing off their collections.  The models were gorgeous and they walked the runway with a confidence that made you want to jump out of your chair and do your little turn on the catwalk!  There was a raffle during the intermission with fabulous prizes.  At one point I told my ladies to clear the walkway of all their purses and purchases because I was about to win….and guess what?!?! My ticket was called!!! hhaha.  I won four visits to Chakra Spa!!  I went to the expo thinking I’d be there one hour maximum but we stayed for hours! 

This year’s Fuller Woman Expo is taking place in Detroit on September 18th.  Now, I had every intention of attending but I underestimated the amount of time it takes to get there.  I have a late flight coming in the night before but I was expecting to get up in the morning, shoot across the border for a couple of hours and come back in time to celebrate a few friends’ birthdays.  Given that it takes 5 hours to get there and 5 hours to get back, it just isn’t feasible 😦 

If any of you are going, pleeeeease fill me in!! I’m sure it’s going to be a great success!! They have amazing speakers and work shops lined up this year. 

For more information visit the Fuller Woman Expo here www.thefullerwomanexpo.com  

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