I’ll take that one…that one and oh…that one!!

Monif C has just launched another stellar collection and i’m really excited for it!  Ladies will have no problem getting Gussied Up in any of these pieces.  Monif C is best known for her convertible dresses.  It consists of an a-line skirt with nine foot straps that you use to cover the upper part of your body and make different styles.  This dress fits anyone from size 8 to size 24.  You can wear it a milli different ways…dress it up…dress it down…criss cross it this a way or that a way, wear it long…wear it short..the possibilities really are endless.  Trust me, I know!  I bought the short black Monif C Convertible dress at the Fuller Woman Expo last summer.  I have worn it so many different ways and to various functions. See the video at the end for a demonstration. 

Check out some of the new line below and click here to view the whole collection.

Ruched Convertible Dress


High Shoulder Panel Dress


Short Convertible Dress (comes in many solid colours, two tone options, long and short)


“Ivana” ruffle dress.  There is also a jumpsuit similar to this. I was at Monif’s showroom during FFFweek in NY and the ladies were fighting over them!!  They looked fab on.


Swimsuits.  For those of us planning on escaping the winter and taking off to a tropical climate, Monif has some amazing swimsuit options for us. 


There are at least 22 different ways to wear the convertible dresses.  Although it may seem difficult, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

There are several tutorial videos on You Tube.  Here is the latest one:

Happy Shopping!!



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