The Rain Does Not Go With My Outfit

Oh rain, rain, go away!! Just as I was leaving the house for work today a HUGE rain cloud rolled in and a torrential downpour started.  The rain always puts a damper on my day.  I don’t like the way my hair doubles in size due to frizz or that my feet get wet and I have to watch every step so that I don’t slip on a grimy sidewalk or the slippery subway tiles.  I could go on…. The only time I don’t mind the rain is when I have no place to go and I can get cozy and read a book or watch a movie.  As I was stepping out to leave the house, my next door neighbour was outside with one of her daughters.  They love the rain!!  When the rain starts I hear the girls giggling and I see them doing a little dance on the sidewalk.  So cute!  I started thinking how I could have sunshine on a cloudy (rainy) day.  It can start with something as simple as a good umbrella.  I started a little search and had no idea how many amazing umbrella options there are!!  Here are a few of my favs:

Bella Pagoda Umbrellas


Carrie used a Bella Pagoda umbrella to protect her from the sun in SATC 2.

Stay dry as you take a stroll with a friend or your significant other with a PERFECT  umbrella for two!!

You can also support a great cause by purchasing a Canadian Cancer Society compact umbrella

Thankfully there are blue skies and sunshine in the forecast this long weekend!! Enjoy!



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