Curves at New York Fashion Week!!!!!

*photo from*, an online plus size fashion retailer, made history on September 15th, 2010 by being the first full figure retailer to show during New York Fashion Week.  There really aren’t enough exclamation marks that can convey my excitement over this!  I actually have chills and tears in my eyes.  It is about time that the average woman is represented on the runway.  I watched highlights of the show and was actually able to relate to the models and picture how the various pieces would look on me.  I am beyond right now!  This builds on my drive to continue on course with Gussied Up. 

To quote Emme (plus-size supermodel/tv personality extraordinaire) “62 million women are a size 12 and above, why hasn’t this been done before?” Other notable plus-size ladies there to represent and lend their support include Gabourey Sidibe from “Precious”, Nikki Blonski from “Hairspray”, and Whitney Thompson, who won America’s Next Top Model at a size 12.  Watch the video for more coverage.

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