Happy Birthday Rebecca!!

Today is my good friend Rebecca’s Birthday!! Rebecca never ceases to amaze me.  Rebecca was the driving force behind participating in the Women’s 10km Run.  She is extremely generous, beyond creative and has an amazing party spirit!  She has kept me accessorized through different seasons with her jewellery line VeryValero.  While most people expect to receive gifts on their birthday, Rebecca has chosen to give on her birthday.  I am thrilled that Rebecca will be writing a feature piece on the blog about an incredible cause.  Dear Rebecca, I am so glad that we met many moons ago.  There have been countless stories, brain storm sessions and jokes since then.  Although ‘all good things come to an end’, I know our friendship has lasting power.  Have a fantastic birthday!  You deserve all the good things coming to you and more!!



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3 Responses to Happy Birthday Rebecca!!

  1. beck says:

    aww- Victoria this is soooo sweet!
    I just got back from Dressed for Success and it was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to collect my thoughts and write about it!!!
    🙂 Becca.

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