If a guy likes you…

Allow me to set the scene.  We’re on Ultra’s rooftop patio on a Sunday afternoon/evening, Spain has just won the World Cup, friends of friends have been introduced and the topic of dating comes up.  Amongst other things, one comment made by one of the guys in the group has stuck with me ever since: If A Guy Likes You, He Will Let You Know.  I believe maybe some feet stomping and hand clapping gestures were made simultaneously as these words were spoken to place emphasis on the importance of it.  As obvious as it sounds, truer words have never been spoken.  It wasn’t an ah-ha moment right away for me but days later I caught myself reciting these words and have continued to do so in different situations as weeks passed.  I’ve said it to myself and I’ve said it to my friends.  We tend to get ourselves in certain situations where we make excuses for guys and cling to past and current behaviours as signs that he likes us.  We tell ourselves or our friends “but he does this and that..but he hasn’t asked me out…or he hasn’t called..or…or..or…”.  He may be doing all those really nice and sweet things, but he’s not doing the things that solidify his intent with you.  It shouldn’t be up to you or your girlfriends to confirm or convince you that he likes you.  Trust me, if he likes you, you will know.  Now this is a two way street.  If you are a guy reading this, this applies to you as well.  Sometimes us ladies aren’t giving you the green light. I’ve been in situations where the guy has been given a steady yellow light.  He’s just coasting, hoping to get through the intersection but i’m giving him reasons to proceed with caution.  

We are flooded with information, checklists and quizzes that promise to determine if he really likes you, but the truth is, we are born with this great thing called intuition.  We need to listen to it and stop letting the noise distort the message he is sending.  Deep down we know the answer to the question.  A lot of time and energy can be saved if we just say “If he liked me, I would know”. 

*steps off soap box*

Guys: if you really like her, let her know or she might just end up passing you by….

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