While in New York City for Full Figure Fashion Week, I took part in a shopping excursion hosted by Marie Denee of the Curvy Fashionista.  We made three stops and one of them was to Re/Dress in Brooklyn.  This store was fantastic.  Re/Dress is the first vintage and resale clothing store in NYC that caters specifically to ladies size 14+.  They carry new merchandise as well and it is all reasonably priced!  The space is big and you could spend a lot of time looking at everything.  It didn’t take us long to spread out and fill our arms with outfits to try on.  Most of us had just met that morning, yet we were all looking out for each other and were giving each other items to try on.  Oh take me back to that day!  As we were just about to leave, I spotted a great dress on mannequin and just had to have it.  I carefully disrobed the mannequin and hurried to the cash register before the bus left.  I can’t wait to go back to NYC and pop by to see what goodies have been brought in!

If you are in NYC, take a trip over the bridge and check it out for yourself.  You will not be disappointed!!


109 Boerum Place
Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States
(718) 522-7962


A place to put your feet up and relax mid-shopping   

Fun skirts!


The Store

(*this pic was taken before I took the dress off the manequin)

Happy Shopping!!


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