Cuba, Si

As most of you know, I took a little vacay from the everyday a couple weeks ago and headed south to nice weather and beautiful beaches; aka CUBA!  It was a crazy good time.  I went with two fabulous travel companions; Schneida and Sabrina.  Sabrina is Schneida’s friend and we met for the first time at the airport.  We hit it off immediately as we sipped champagne on the plane and traded our daily routines and worries for flipflops, rum, and new adventures.  These girls were amazing to travel with.  It’s not everyday that you meet someone that you instantly click with and can spend every waking moment together for a week.  We bonded and formed a sisterhood; the wa wa sisterhood to be exact.  We had so many ‘Jessica Moments’ (see video) and met some truly amazing people.

I could go on forever about the trip but like they say, “a picture is worth a million words”, so enjoy the pics!

Cheers to a great trip

Just arrived in Cuba…beer..check…wind blowing up my dress…check..marilyn pose..checkmate!

Our Cuba family.  Love them.


My ladies

 Our Party People

Schneida’s Birthday


New Friends

The Wa Wa Sisterhood



And for a small sampling of pics from the trip…here is a slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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One Response to Cuba, Si

  1. Nadina says:

    Awesome pics and strong sisterhood!!!!

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