Damn Heels

I really love wearing heels but to be honest they have a short expiry date on my feet.  I’m only good for a few hours in most of my heels…add dancing to that or a little walk and it shortens the time I can comfortably wear them greatly. When I met Hailey last fall she told me about a product she was planning on launching in Toronto called Damn Heels.  It didn’t take me long to fall head over heels in love with what she had planned; save women from their (beloved) damn heels. 

Damn Heels are sexy fold-up ballerina flats tucked into an expandable bag which is small enough to pop into any clutch, desk or suitcase. You can dance the night away in your fabulous heels and know that you won’t have to give in to pain and walk barefoot at any point in the night (we’ve all done it before).  I throw my Damn Heels in my purse or clutch and towards the end of the night I discreetly slip into comfort and throw my heels into the stylish reusable bag.

When I went to University of Guelph, we used to walk from home to the bar in our heels.  It didn’t take me long to realize that this just wasn’t going to work.  Instead, I would put my heels in a bag, wear my comfortable shoes to a block before the bar and then change into my heels.  I would put my shoes in the bag and hide them in a bush.  On the way home I would pick them up and change back into my shoes for the walk home.  Classy huh?!?!  If only Damn Heels were available back then! 

Damn Heels has received amazing praise from the media (City Line, Breakfast Television, Global TV, National Post, The Toronto Star, the list goes on), and most recently on Dragon’s Den.

Peep the Damn Heels promo


Damn Heels are available for $20 (tax incl.).  You can purchase them online here or at Blo (Blow Dry Bar). For a full list of retailers join the Damn Heels facebook page.  



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3 Responses to Damn Heels

  1. Meighan says:

    I LOVE THOSE! They’re so cute too! I thought they’d have to look like little paper shoes or something to fit nicely in a bag. Best invention ever!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Such a great idea – I have to get a pair!!
    Love how you referred to hiding your shoes in the bush…or behind the bank 😉
    Oh the good old K-Swiss Days!

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