Thirsty Thursdays: Oh Kanada Martini

Oh Kanadaaaaaa…you can barely stand after you have a couple of these…let alone stand on guard for thee.  This is my favourite martini to order at Pravda Vodka bar in Toronto…and yes…it is spelled this way on the menu.  This martini is like eating those sugary maple sugar candies in the shape of a maple leaf, however you can still taste the alcohol (which I like).  I don’t have the exact recipe for this drink but I’ve watched the bartender make enough of these to figure it out.  

Oh Kanada Martini

1 part Vodka

1 part Rye

Dash of Maple Syrup

Shake it up and serve!

Pravda garnishes it with swirls of hardened Maple Syrup.  Delish!

The Bar at Pravda is a vodka drinker’s dream


 Live music while you sip

How things look after a few cocktails.  (complimentary apps during happy hour)


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