LG Toronto Fashion Week: Dare to Wear Love

The Dare to Wear Love fashion show closed off LG Toronto Fashion Week last Friday night with an amazing roster of Canadian designers raising awareness for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. 

The Stephen Lewis Foundation supports community-based organizations working to turn the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa.  Since 2003, they have funded more than 300 projects in 15 countries.  These grassroots groups are the lifeline for their community: they provide counselling and education about HIV prevention, care and treatment; distribute food, medication and other necessities; reach the sick and vulnerable through home-based health care; help orphans and vulnerable children access education, nutritious meals and grief counselling; and support grandmothers caring for their orphaned grandchildren.

At the beginning of the fashion show they provided staggering statistics about the rise of HIV/AIDS in Africa.  For more information on the Stephen Lewis Foundation please click HERE.

Dare to Wear Love gala fashion night was founded in 2009 by the designers of Hoax Couture, Jim Searle and Chris Tyrell.  They provide Canadian designers with African fabric and leave it up to the designers to create a piece worthy for the runway.  These creations are later auctioned off to the highest bidder to raise funds for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

I loved every moment of the fashion show.  All the models and Canadian personalities had a fun time on the runway and the crowd fed off of their energy.  I want all the music that we heard that night.  So much fun!!  Here are the pictures I took from the Dare To Wear Love Fashion Show!

Gussied Up Barbie and Ken



Nada: model-Tara Spencer Nairn, actor

Farley Chatto: model-Kenneth

David Dixon: model- Anne Marie Mediwake, Global News


Reva Mivasagar: model-Dayana

Zoran Dobric: model-Dejana Bajic, shopsterium.com


Wayne Clark: model: Mary Brisebois (One of my favourite dresses)

Adrian Wu: model- Keyshia Chante, singer

Performance: Laurence Lemieux, Hymn to the Universe


Linda Lundstrom: model-Chemagne

Linda Lundstrom: model-Kerrona

Kimina: model-Carlos, co-owner Memphis Presley

Ula Zukowska: model- Joydeen

Lovas Design: model- Camille


Comrags: model- Anna Maria Tremonti, CBC’s The Current

 Avioanni: model-Alissa Valdenassi

 Brian Bailey: model: Renee Thompson


Pat McDonagh: model- Arlene Dickinson, CBC’s Dragon’s Den


 Northbound Leather: model- Charles Harris


Performance: Shelley Hamilton



 Hoax Couture: models Johnathan Cuthill and Chukwe (the ladies loved them)

Jason Meyers: model Angela Smith, ET Canada

Kendra Francis: model-Sierra

 Damzels in this Dress: model-Coco Framboise

Peach Berserk: model- Wendy Mesley, CBC The National and Kate

Fashion Crimes: model-Jasmin Chorley Foster

Ines di Santo: model- Dina Pugliese, Breakfast Television





 Izzy Camilleri: model- Bridget Stuart (absolutely adorable)


Full Gallery of Pictures:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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