On Thursday we were able to check off all of the touristy things on our list of things to see.  We started the day on Rodeo Dr. with breakfast at 208 Rodeo Dr. and some window shopping.  We continued on to the Hollywood Sign, Walk of Fame, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Santee Alley, and shopping in Culver City.  Phew!! It was a jam-packed day!  Here are some pics:

Rodeo Drive

Rolls Royce on Rodeo.



 The best coffee I’ve ever had.

Via Rodeo.  The little patio above where I’m standing is where we had breakfast.

Hollywood Sign


Capital Records

EEEKKK…Silly String Prohibited!!! It’s illegal to possess or sell silly sting on the walk of fame.  $1000 fine!!

Canadian Talent.  More star pics in the gallery.

Aww.. Shirley Temple.  This was done in 1935!

Crews were setting up for the premier of the movie Due Date.


Santee Alley is a crazy market place with discount sunglasses, shoes, makeup, club wear, jewellery and everything else in between.  Check it out if you’re in LA.


Hotel pool party at night

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was only day two in LA.  A lot more pics and stories coming up!  Right now I’m off to Seal Beach.  I have no idea what is there but the Concierge suggested I check it out!


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One Response to Tourista

  1. beck says:

    cool pics!
    I wanna see some of you and your partner and crime!
    No silly string?? Looks like I can’t do it up in L.A.

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