FFFWeek(end) LA Fashion Show: Sonsi

The title sponser of FFFWeek(end) in LA, Sonsi, lauched their runway collection on Saturday night.  Sonsi is an online shopping & social destination for women sizes 12 and above.  Here is their collection:

A completely wearable collection by Sonsi.



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4 Responses to FFFWeek(end) LA Fashion Show: Sonsi

  1. SonsiWoman says:

    LOVED the post…It sums Sonsi up perfectly, “a completely wearable collection.” Thanks so much for the support- we truly appreciate it! Hope you enjoyed FFFWeek(end) as much as we did!

  2. Marijo Monteiro says:

    It was a blast walking for the collection, more so connecting with the Sonsi team, Victoria McGroarty, Gwen Devoe, Sharon Quinn, Marie Laggette, Rosie Mercado, Fluvia, curvygirlchic, StilettoLipstik , Jeniese, Jjonez42, Maddi from plusmodelmagazine, Glen from fullfiguredplus, SassiRebel, Abundance, Igigi, Chan.nel Karama, and all the wonderful people who who made it happen & attended.. A fabulous experience and so much more to come.. Rocking the world curvy where Confidence, Good health & Style come in all Shapes, Shades & Ages! Biejos..

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