The Weekender: November 6th-7th

After spending the past week doing nothing but crunching numbers and finessing my business plan, I was able to escape periodically this weekend for a much needed sanity break.  I attended the National Women’s Show on Saturday and it was a zoo!!  Thankfully a fashion show started and all the women were drawn to the stage as a scantily clad male swimsuit model strutted his stuff across the stage.  We were then able to maneuver around the place a little better.   I ended up picking up 6 pairs of Damn Heels for gifts (and a pair for myself).  Damn Heels now carries an extra-large size for us ladies with bigger feet (I wear size 10 and the XL is heaven).  I’m also really excited about a thermos I picked up.  I’ve recently gotten back into drinking tea and this bottle has a built-in loose tea strainer!  It’s also double walled so that it keeps your beverage hot or cold and the outside of the bottle does not sweat.  Genius!

As I was leaving the show I couldn’t help but notice this dapper fella all Gussied Up! 


Popped out for a little bit on Saturday night for some good tunes and company.  Here’s my cousin and I:

Before diving back into the books, I started off the day with an amazing brunch at Lola’s Commissary.  If you ever go, you have to try the cheesecake stuffed french toast.  Warning: share with the table…it’s too much to have as your meal.  It’s a perfect dessert.


Hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying the extra hour of sleep! Have a great week!!



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