It’s My Party and I’ll Donate if I Want to

Written by Gussied Up’s Guest Blogger: Rebecca Valero

My fear of the birthday candles began when I turned 29. I started to feel like the clock was ticking and that I needed to do more with my life.  I started a list of things that I wanted to accomplish in the next year, before turning the big 3-0.  Some of these goals included things like climbing the CN tower, running my first 10k, launching my jewellery line – Very Valero, travelling, volunteering, becoming more present in the moment, and working towards creating a life that truly makes me happy.  What started off as a mini challenge, became more of a way of life; it led me to try anything that came my way, regardless of whether or not it was on the list.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”  Mother Teresa 

This quote really inspired me; and so I decided that in order to commemorate my big 3-0, I wanted to do something memorable that not only celebrates life, but also includes a charitable component, and something that would honour my mother’s giving spirit.

I recently discovered a fantabulous organization called Dress For Success, a registered Canadian charity that provides low income women with professional attire, as well as career development tools to help their clients feel and look their best as they step out into the work force.  What I love the most about DFS is that they believe in and foster the idea of boosting self-esteem in their clients.

DFS addresses a major catch-22 issue that many financially disadvantaged women encounter when trying to break into the workforce:

             How can I afford a proper suit for an interview without having a job?
             Without a suit, how can I get a job? 

I love that this organization exists; and admire the fabulous and fierce women that coordinate the day-to-day processes in order to make an immeasurable difference…it is for this reason I decided that on my 30th birthday I would donate 30 pairs of earrings on behalf of Very Valero.  Accessories take an outfit to a new level and complete it; and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to share my designs and contribute towards the awesomeness that Dress For Success delivers to their clients.

I received a lot of love from friends and family on my birthday, but my heart felt the fullest when I was able to witness and take in the giving spirit of Dress for Success.  Very Valero will be donating accessories on a regular basis, and is looking forward to building a long lasting friendship with Dress for Success…I truly think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

The ladies of Dress for Success with donation

Very Valero earrings donated to DFS

Dress for Success

Outside Dress for Success

For more info about Dress for Success visit their website.

If you would like to volunteer or donate gently used business attire, or organize a clothing drive for DFS, contact: 
Interested in volunteering:
To donate clothing:

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