Magnolia’s 2nd Anniversary Party

Last Wednesday my friends Rebecca and Danella invited me out to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of their friend Juan Carlos’ boutique, Magnolia.  Over the past couple years I have heard great things about both Juan and Magnolia from these ladies so it was great to finally meet him.   He was very gracious and answered a couple burning questions I had about opening my own store.  While there, I couldn’t help but imagine how amazing he must feel to be celebrating the 2nd anniversary of his store.  At one point in the evening I turned to Rebecca and said “I want to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of my store”.  It is such an amazing feat and I’m always so proud of my fellow entrepreneurs successes.

Magnolia is located in the posh Eglinton and Avenue Rd neighbourhood.  They carry staple Canadian designers such as David Dixon (whose dress I loved at the Dare to Wear Love fashion show) and Lucian Matis (who was the runner up on the first season of Project Runway Canada) as well as select international designers such as Hoss Intropia and Designers Remix.

Whenever I drive across Eglinton, I always hope that traffic slows down just enough so I can see what window displays are up. On our way back from the party we swung by the store.  I’m sorry for the nose prints and drool I left on the windows but I was in awe of the high ceilings, fashions in the store and a purple purse with gold eyelets on display. 


333 Eglinton Ave W, Unit 2B


Juan Carlos and myself

My ladies Rebecca and Danella

Rebecca, Juan, Danella

Venue: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Love the wall

I match the store

Pretending to be a mannequin



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2 Responses to Magnolia’s 2nd Anniversary Party

  1. beck says:

    I look forward to celebrating your 1st year, your 2nd year etc etc….
    You will get there V, just put one foot in front of the other ! 🙂

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