Don’t Knock it ’til You Try it!

It is an extremely rare occasion when a group of my friends share the same day off in the middle of the week.  When a bunch of us realized we had yesterday off, we immediately arranged a Taco Tuesday Fiesta!!  After ordering pretty much everything on the menu we decided to go on a very impromptu shopping trip.  We headed over to Forever 21, a place where we were all able to shop (men, women, plus size, etc).  I headed over to the Forever 21+ section.  My friend Pau met me there shortly after and ran over to an item of clothing that immediately caught her eye.  She said “you have to get this Victoria”.  Now, I have looked at that very skirt at Forever 21 for weeks and weeks and never knew how I would wear it.  It’s pretty dramatic, eye-catching and completely fabulous.  Each visit there I always picked it up and tried to imagine how I would where it or where I would wear it to.  To be honest, I never even gave it a chance because I never tried it on.  Well, yesterday was the day I took it into the change room to give it a whirl.  A whirl and twirl and strut and pose is exactly what I did!  Of course I fell in love with it immediately and decided to it purchase it to see what pairings I could come up with at home.  I’ve noticed that I’ve been picking out a number of items that I would normally stay away from recently.  These are generally the items that I have grown to love the most!

I encourage and challenge all of you to go out there and pull something off the rack that you would normally pass by.  You never really know what you are missing out on!  Worst thing that could happen is you put it back on the hanger and you move onto the next one.  We all know we are generally our own worst critic.  You need to stand up straight, put those shoulders back and rock that outfit with confidence!

Take a little tippy toe step out of the box and you just may surprise yourself at the leaps and bounds you are making in your own personal style. 

And as for what I purchased, well, you will have to stay tuned!!



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One Response to Don’t Knock it ’til You Try it!

  1. Pau Saenz says:

    Your are totally right!!!
    coz u never know what looks good on you until you try it on!!!
    so happy for you!!!
    Cant wait to see you catch my eye with that fabulous skirt!!!
    love you!

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