Wining and Dining

Saturday afternoon my friend Paty and I headed down to the Metro Convention Centre for the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo.  Held in the same hall as the Women’s Show the week before, the vibe was completely different.  The lights were dim, the aroma of delicious food followed you around the venue, and everyone had rosy cheeks or a certain wine glow to them!   

The show gives you the opportunity to try 1500 different wines, beers and spirits.  I try to pick up different kinds of wine at the LCBO but generally stick with my favourites.  After going to the show I’ve added a few more to the list that I might not have tried otherwise. 


We made our first stop at the sample ticket booth and then started the afternoon off right; with champagne. 


These blended drinks were DELISH!!! Unfortunately you can only get them from the show or at their head office.  I had the mango one and Paty had the strawberry margarita.  Why didn’t I pick some up?


Vice: Vodka and Ice Wine

After trying so many delicious wines and cocktails, we needed a little something to soak it all up…empanadas!

Pork and Vegetarian

Barefoot Wine had me thinking I was back in California!


Bigg Shott’s Edible Shooters were delish.  I had one with an irish cream liqueur topped with whip cream.  Oh my!! Eating the shot glass is a perfect finish!


Scallops prepared by the chefs of Jackson-Triggs

We ran into my sister at the show (Carolyn, Paty, Me)


It seemed as though the expo was a hot ticket in the city.  Even if wine is not your drink of choice, you would never have to worry about your glass being empty here.  There were different beers, caesars, vodka, and liqueurs.  You name it, it was there!  Drink tickets were $1 each and each glass would cost between 1 and 3 drink tickets.  I can’t wait to go back to this expo (although I think my liver thinks otherwise)!  We spent five hours there and had a blast.  Next time it comes into town grab some friends and head down.  It’s one big cocktail party!!

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