Key to the City

Those who know me, know that I rarely wear necklaces.  I’ve preferred to wear bigger earring and forgo the added bulk of a necklace around my neck. I have personally just found it too much to wear both.  I have recently switched the equation and will wear studded earrings and have a focal long chain necklace.  This change has had me on a serious hunt for some new jewellery.  I’ve picked up a few pieces here and there but right now I have a mini obsession for finding the perfect key necklace!

Tiffany & Co. has a beautiful collection of key pendants.  Their keys start at a couple hundred dollars and go up to $17,000!

I’m also feeling the antique vibe and am looking at old skeleton keys.  There’s something magical about a skeleton key and I imagine different stories about each one.  Here are a few of my favs:

Real antique keys from Biko Designs.  $89 CAD

P.S. I love all of her stuff.  I’ve checked it out at the Clothing Show and the One of A Kind Show.  Full post coming!

Rustic Vintage Key by Urban Heirlooms $50 USD

Twin Dolphins Antique Skeleton Key Urban Heirlooms $65 USD

Single Key Necklace by 2 Sister Designs

I’ll let you know what I pick!


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One Response to Key to the City

  1. Fuchst Bags says:

    I love Urban Heilooms the most. 🙂

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