Gloves for the text generation! These mitts have little removable hoods on your thumb and forefinger that allow you to text, bbm, tweet, etc, with accuracy and speed while keeping your hands cozy warm!!  They are similar to fingerless gloves, however, you get to keep your middle, ring and pinky fingers protected from the elements.  Although they may not be the most fashionably designed pair of gloves for my Gussied Up Gals, they really are practical. For ordering information check out their website HERE.  The gloves retail for $19.99 but due to the popularity of the gloves, it’ll be hard to get your hands in a pair before Christmas.



Keep warm kittens!


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6 Responses to Twittens!

  1. Rebecca Valero says:

    LOVE THESE!!!!

  2. Lincoln says:

    Hey, those are my gloves! Thanks for the twittens love ladies.
    I promise more colours and styles are coming in 2011 – hopefully one of them will be less damaging to your fashion senses. Stay warm and all the best!

  3. Mark Tamlin says:

    Lincoln the gloves are beautiful. I purchased a pair at Stan C. Reade Photo in London, Ont. yesterday. It was glove frenzy in there. Congratulations on a great idea.


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