Mukluk’n About

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!!  I can say these words and mean it because I know my feet will be nice and warm and toasty no matter what Mother Nature throws at us this winter!  Yesterday I made the best purchase of the season so far: a pair of Muk’s, the original Muk Luk Boots.  These are literally a dream come true for my feet.  Nothing puts me in a bad mood more than wet feet!!

Muks are traditionally worn for hunting in the snow.  Canadian Aboriginals have been enjoying the warmth and comfort of mukluks for hundreds of years.  Muks launched a glam rock collection this fall and winter.  This new collection combines studded suede and luxurious fur to add some edge, while keeping with traditional Mukluk look.

I picked up a pair of Tall Wrap Muks in Black as shown below ($340)

TheY also carry other shorter boots and different colours.  Here are a couple other pairs I like:

Brown Short Wrap Muks ($275)

Taupe Tall Wrap Muks ($340)

I like the wrap style the most, but here are some of the original style Mukluks ($295, $325)


To find out more about Mukluks and find a retail store near you, please visit their website HERE

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