Alice the Camel

Seeing a man in a camel wool coat makes my heart pitter patter a little quicker as I give him the once over, twice over then an all out head turn as he walks by.  I equate camel coats with business men and distinguished leading men such as George Clooney and Robert Redford.  Yum!  Camel coats used to be made out of real camel hair and would be worn by desert travellers.  They would keep them cool during the day and warm at night.  Nowadays it refers to the colour.  While waiting for the subway this morning there was a dapper fellow looking exceptionally put together wearing a camel coat with a grey scarf.  He could have been wearing a pajama top underneath, but that did not matter because his jacket was perfect and pulled the rest of his business casual look together. 

Camel Cashmere Coat by Calvin Klein

Camel Cashmere Coat by Calvin Klein $1,995

Now we all know this look is not exclusive to our male couterparts.  Here are some plus size camel coat options from La Dan’s Closet

Long Vintage Cape

Eye Spy

Cape Coat

You can purchase coats by La Dan’s closet through Monif C’s website.





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3 Responses to Alice the Camel

  1. gen321 says:

    I love camel abd I love the camel capes from LaDan! I am just waiting for a good sale to pick one up. LOL! I have been trying to find some nice camel pants. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Gussied Up says:

      I was shopping at H&M today and they have a really great pair of camel pants…like really nice!! They have some really great sales and a lot of their jackets are 1/2 price!! Love a good sale. I tried a camel coat on but it didn’t fit 😦 … and so my search for a new winter coat continues!

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