Enjoying Some Holiday Cheer

Hello my Gussied Up Gals!!! So sorry for being MIA the past few days.  I have been catching up on some much needed sleep, celebrating some holiday cheer and trying to get all my shopping in.  I am such a last minute shopper.  Instead of doing all my shopping at once, I tend to shop the day before a Christmas party and continue that pattern throughout the season.  Of course when I’m shopping for others, I can’t help but pick a few things up for myself.  It’s the only way I can survive the crowds!! haha.  I was at the mall yesterday and felt like a major creeper as I stalked old ladies and mothers in the parking lot for their parking spots.  I had some great music in the car so the 20minutes it took to find a spot didn’t phase me because I had my own little dance party going on.  I even found myself happy that people I had seen circling the lot got a spot before me.  Crazy…I know.  Anyhoo…it’s been a while since I’ve posted some personal pics up here so I thought it was about time I made another appearance on here.

A few friends of mine got together for a secret santa party at my friend’s place.  We had an amazing night.  The wine was flowing, the appetizers were delicious and the laughs were in abundance!

The three amigas: Paty, Me, Pau

My bow is bigger than yours… haha

A little posing by Paty’s tree

Family shot!! Love you guys!!

So happy with my new emerald green nailpolish!!

My Secret Santa was Paty.   I got the amazing lip package by MAC.  I love love loved it!!!

Last year we all wrote out a wish and put it in a christmas ornament to be opened the following year.  We all unravelled our wishes and found out if they had come true or not.  Last year I wrote: “Open Gussied Up and be sooo happy!  Be surrounded by great friends”. Even though I didn’t open Gussied Up in 2010, I am really happy and am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by lots of amazing different groups of friends!!

A couple nights later we were out to sip on some martinis, enjoy some wine, and down some shots to celebrate Paty finishing her course!  So proud of you!

Sequins, Sparkle and Shine!

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays so far!! It will be over before we know it so cozy up next to your loved ones and soak in the love!!



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