While cashing out today at Forever 21, I noticed these really cool beaded bracelets on the counter.  I picked one up and the beads on the bracelet spelled FEED.  It’s a bracelet with a cause!

FEED has agreed to provide 2 school meals for hungry children through the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) for its sales of each FEED 2 bracelet to Forever 21. Meticulously handmade in Guatemala by women artisans, each bracelet color represents the country designated to receive the 2 school meals through its School Feeding program

Silver: Pakistan  Black: Kenya  Red: Swaziland 

Yellow: Sri Lanka  Blue: Haiti  Gold: Honduras

The bracelets are $5.80 in stores in Canada.  They are available in the US for $4.80 USD.  I picked a red one like this:


Other colours:

I went on their website and found some other great items for sale that will feed the children in these countries:

FEED 5 Bracelet: Made with a corn based plastic and a metal charm.  The 5 on the charm symbolizes the number of meals each bracelet will provide.  Each bracelet comes with a FEED bag.  $15

FEED Kenya Kikoy.  When you purchase this scarf for $40, you will be providing school children with 10 meals throughout the United Nations World Food Program.  Each FEED Kenya Kikoy is handcrafted in Kenya by a co-op of women and deaf artisans.  This provides work and support for people in Kenya.

Feed 2 Bag.  You can purchase this bag for $100.  You will feed 2 children in school for a whole YEAR!!

Feed Women’s White Shirt.  This shirt is $25 and will proved 10 meals to school children!

Feed Read 3 Bag.  This bag is $25 and will provide 3 meals to school children as well as 3 local language books.  AMAZING!

There are so many other amazing products on their website. I just wish I had known about this before Christmas!  I think this is a great program to support!

Shop for a cause!



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