Gussied Up is Moving into Toronto’s Newest Style Mecca!!!

Please excuse my absence the last couple weeks but I have exciting news!!!! Gussied Up is laying down roots…we have a LOCATION!!!  I have landed the location of my dreams and I can’t wait for you all to come and visit.  My love for this space started about three years ago.  I was looking at my friend’s pictures on facebook and saw that they went to a party at their friend’s house.  I scrolled through the pictures and immediately knew I wanted this place for my store.  I didn’t end up meeting the guy who lived there until about a year later.  I was invited to a little party there and I went with a secret mission; to scout the space.  As soon as I walked in my brain went into design mode and I knew exactly how I would set it up as a store.  I ended up becoming really good friends with him and was sad when I learned he was moving out of the country a few months later.  I thought I had lost my chance of having a store there.  Fast forward a year and a half later, I decided to call the landlord out of the blue.  It looks like all the stars were aligned and he said the previous tenants had moved out two weeks earlier!!! Can you believe it??  I signed the lease last Thursday and get the keys Feb 1st.  I am beyond excited right now to open a plus size clothing boutique in the heart of Toronto and I really can’t wait to show it to everyone.  There is so much more to tell you and show you, but it will have to wait until later.  I’ll fill you in on the details as we go along!

Check out THIS article in The Toronto Star to see what they have to say about this upcoming area!



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2 Responses to Gussied Up is Moving into Toronto’s Newest Style Mecca!!!

  1. gen321 says:

    Congratulations!!!!! I love Toronto and this gives me an excuse to come and visit Toronto (not that I need an excuse, LOL!). Can’t wait to see the place!!!!!

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