Thirsty Thursdays are BAAAACK!!

I have no idea I got side tracked these past few months from posting one of my favourite features; THIRSTY THURSDAYS!!! Thankfully some sense has been knocked into me and we’re back with a personal favourite of mine.  I LOVE wine…like L-O-V-E.  I prefer white over red but won’t turn any away!  I like to try different wines but have my favourite standards as well.  I’m not a connoisseur by any means, I enjoy cheap wines but like to splurge on a nice bottle as well.  I went to make my own wine a couple weeks ago and can’t wait to try it!! Enough about me and my thirst for wine, let’s get down to it!  This is my staple summer cocktail; the Gussied Up Wine Spritzer!

My mouth just watered looking at this picture!

I’m not very specific with the measurements…adjust as necessary!

Gussied Up Wine Spritzer

Obviously the bigger the wine glass, the better.  Put some ice in the glass with some frozen berries.  I get the mixed berry pack from Costco but any kind will do.  Fill half the glass with wine and top it off with Perrier.  If you prefer a little sweetness, try adding a bit of Sprite or frozen lemonade concentrate with the Perrier.  I didn’t have any on hand so I added a bit of agave nectar instead.

You will probably see me sipping this drink in the store (a non-alcoholic version of course…).  Very refreshing!

Side Note: the flowers in the background were a gift from the florist a couple doors down.  He came into the store yesterday to yell at me for killing my plants! hahah.  He watered them for me and told me that they like to drink as much as men do!! Love him! He brought some more in today.

Drink up my friends!!



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