Drinky Drinky Show!

Last Saturday a group of friends and I got together to enjoy some wobbly pops at The Drink Show at 99 Sudbury St.  This is the best way to sample some very tasty alcoholic beverages.  Each sample is $2 and if you really like the sample then you can purchase a full drink for $7.  The music was bumping, everyone was having a great time and we even managed to start a friendly limbo competition.  I tried so many different types of liquor and my favourite drink was made with Taboo Absinthe and Limonata Sanpellegrino.  DELICIOUS!!!  This did not go over so well with my other friends, but I kept going back for more.  I realized later that it was 60%…eeek!!  Peep some pics below:

Duncan with all of his drink tickets

There are so many times I go to a party, put my red cup down and don’t know which drink is mine when I go to take it back.  Solo cups has come up with a great solution for this.  You peal away the protective cover then etch your name into the cup!! Great right?  I was representing Gussied Up, obviously.

My good friend Paty!! Loving the colour blocking!

More of my fav party people James and Cristina


Ms Rebecca Valero of Very Valero Jewellery

Paty, myself  and Cristina

And of course I never leave for a night out without my Damn Heels!! They allowed me to comfortably continue my night of cocktailing!  (Damn Heels are available at Gussied Up)

A fun night had by all!!



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