I have been plus sized my whole life.  I’ve been anywhere from size 16 to size 24.  I can remember trying to find an outfit for a semi formal in high school and only able to shop at one store.  This store tailored to women over 40 years old and was terrible.  I can remember to this day what I wore; black cardigan with flecks of silver, red and black tank and dress pants.  Think workplace appropriate for a 50 year old.  It wasn’t anything close to the fun and flirty dresses my friends were wearing but I rolled with the punches and danced the night away.   Sadly 10 years later there hasn’t been much movement or interest in catering to the plus size market and we are still facing the same frustrations and challenges.

Plus size clothing has always been a taboo subject among fashion designers.  Although the average woman wears a size 14, designers and even regular stores refuse to carry anything above a size 12.  It is assumed that anyone who is above size 12 has given up on all things fashion and prefers to wear matronly cover-ups.  Canadians are reduced to scouring the internet for some sort of alternative available south of the border.  Given that plus sizes aren’t standard across the board, we throw our arms up once again because we cannot try the merchandise on for fit.  We have spending power but feel completely neglected by the industry.  We are curvy! We are beautiful! We want fashion to catch up! This is where Gussied Up makes its Grand Entrance.

Gussied Up has recently opened in the new ‘style mecca’ of Toronto.  We are a plus size clothing boutique located at 1090 Bathurst St in Toronto, Ontario. 

Join me on this blog and www.gussiedup.ca as I chronicle the adventures of opening Gussied Up, explore the plus size industry and gush about all things fantastic!  You’ll find a wide variety of topics featured on the blog: fashion (of course), music (can’t live without it), travel, health & beauty, and Toronto (I love my city).




7 Responses to About

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Marion says:

    Can’t wait for the grand opening of your store!

  3. Marijo Monteiro says:

    Love what you’re doing!!

    Looking forward to visiting the boutique soon!!

    Peace and love… Beijos

  4. Anjelita says:

    I was travelling home last night passing down Bathurst Street ni a cab when I saw teh sotre front an thought “OMG I WANT WHAT’S IN THE WINDOW” but felt dejected for a moment thinking “I will NEVER fit into it” … that was until I saw the part on the sign about the boutique being 14+. I immediately jabbed my boyfriend in the side and pointed, fumbling for my Blackberry and then texting the name and approximate location to him and myself. I am so excited to see what you have in store! I may very well sneak out for a long lunch and take a peak 🙂

  5. Ashleigh says:

    So excited to check you guys out this weekend!

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